Name: Hannah Dakota Fanning
Birthday: 23rd February 1994
Parents: Heather Joy Arrington and Steven Fanning
Sibilings: Mary Elle Fanning
On February 23rd 1994, Greg and Gina Hudgens welcomed to the world their first child, a beautiful little girl named Hannah Dakota Fanning. Dakota was born with a passion for acting that has always been visible, when she was little she used to play around the house her own show. Everybody noticed her talent and later her parents decided to give to her acting career a try. Dakota went with her mom to Los Angeles where she got her very first role for a national Tide commercial and that was just the beginning. Dakota started in two other movies, but her big breakthrough role came with “I am Sam“, after that movie and her performace in it people from all over the world put their eyes on her. In 2002 she started in “Taken” a mini serie. Dakota went from a movie to another, from “Uptown Girls” alongside Brittany Murphy to “Man on Fire” alongside Denzel Washington. 2005 for sure has been Dakota’s childhood year,that year she was starring as a leading role in 3 movies, she spent the year travelling around the world to promote her movies “Hide and Seek“, “War of the Worlds“, “Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story“. After all these movies Dakota was more than into her career and she kept on working from “Charlotte’s Web” to “Hounddog“, from “The secret Life of Bees” to “Push“. During her teenage years Dakota take part to “The Twilight Saga” as Jane Volturi, it was a very exciting role for her since this time she would have been playing an evil vampire and that was pretty far away from the sweet and lovely characters that she was used to portray. Dakota worked again alongside Kristen Stewartfor “The Runaways” movie in which Dakota did her singing debut. The years passed but Dakota has never stopped working, she was in movies like “Very Good Girls“, “The Last of Robin Hood“, “Effie Gray“, “Franny“, “Brimstone“, “Please Stand By” to name a few. As the years passed by Dakota has appeared in campaigns for brands such as J. Estina, AGL, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo and Uniqlo. While she was working on her career Dakota also attended New York University, to do that she moved on her own to New York for some years. In 2018 Dakota did her debut as director with “Miu Miu Women’s Tales: Hello Apartment“. The same year Dakota came back on the small screen with the new serie “The Alienist“. Thanks to one of her latest movie “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” one of her biggest dream came true, she worked with Tarantino and thanks to this movie she attended her first Cannes Film Festival. Dakota’s next projects are “Angel of Darkness” a sequel to “The Alienist” and “The Nightingale” a movie that will make another of her dreams come true, she will work alongside her little sister Elle Fanning.