Jul, 18 Posted by Stefy

Dakota did a new interview with Fox News to promote “The Alienist: Angel of Darkness“.

Fox News: You’re currently starring in “The Alienist: Angel of Darkness.” How empowering has it been to play a woman in the 1890s who opens her own private detective agency?
Fanning: It’s so wonderful. I got to play this character in the first season as the first woman to hold a position at the police department, which was such a feat for a woman during that time.
And this is a year later and she’s struck out on her own and opened the detective agency and has other young women who are working with her that she gets to be a mentor to. And we really get to see her contemplating and dealing with what it means to be a modern woman in 1897. And it’s not as dissimilar to what women are contemplating and thinking about nowadays. – Fox News

You can watch her interview here below.

Dakota did more interviews to promote the new serie, be sure to keep it up with them by checking out the site daily.